Saturday, April 08, 2017

Omnivision Abandons Superpix Acquisition

Reuters: Ingenic Semiconductor, the name under which Omivision is reportedly traded at Shezhen stock market in China, has canceled acquisition of Superpix as it failed to get an approval from China Securities Regulatory Commission.


  1. Any idea what fab OV and Superpix uses for their sensors? TSMC or someone else?

  2. It's said that the acquisition of OV by Ingenic has been also aborted.

    1. Very interesting. What is the reason for that?

  3. Maybe due to the Chinese governement's restriction of cash flow out.

  4. Omnivision to my understanding is not (yet) traded at Shenzhen stock market - maybe this detail is not clear from the Japanese to English translation in the link. There was a press-release last year (if I recall correctly) in that Ingenic and Omnivison plan to merge but till today Ingenic and Omnivision are two separate companies.


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